3d printed RN eStudios miniature. Printed in the UK under licence.

From their Soul Fighter range.

1 mini supplied unless stated.

Artemisa (Sword- and Shieldmaid)
Asuka (Geisha Assassin)
Brunhilda (Female Knight)
Crack (Berserker)
DomPerignon (Noble Cutthroat)
Elaine (Mage Apprentice)
Heihashi (Wandering Ronin)
Hong Kong Gingko (Chinese Swordsman)

Ideal for wargames / skirmish games or RPG games.

Printed in high quality resin.

May require some assembly (with superglue) and cleaning of excess supports before painting.

The supplied base may be resin or MDF depending on model

Permission to print models was given by via their patreon pages.